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SharePoint Security

Regrouping… Those of you who are new to all the nooks and crannies of SharePoint need to develop a good audience and user architecture as well as a firm sense of how much memory you are using. On my first … Continue reading

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13 Minute Screencast: SharePoint Designer Workflow – Part 1 EUSP

My friend Mark Miller has put together a great SharePoint Designer resource with Bjørn Furuknap at Check it out. Mark’s site has been a big help to me. So I can’t say enough thanks to EUSP!

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SharePoint Designer, blessing or a curse?

Go on admit it. You’ve made at least one major error at least since you downloaded SharePoint Designer. There have been many a blog entry dealing with why SPD out there in mass for free is a good thing. I … Continue reading

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Sticking it Out

This is a great post from a former teaching colleague of mine, Tom Johnson. I think it applies to so many of the SharePoint successes we as end users end up gaining. Once again, excellent piece Tom!!

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SharePoint’s Able-iset User

My sons and I have been watching the heck out of The Deadliest Warrior. For those who don’t know it well, it pits classic warriors from history (like Spartan vs. Ninja). Experts from both sides come in and run CSI … Continue reading

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SharePoint End User Certification

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Funny thing happened along to way to the gym….

This article is a response to my article about training for MS certs that I wrote for EUSP. Two things really. The first is that SharePoint Designer became free and all the ideas, project and requests that had been labeled … Continue reading

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Case Study – KM and Training Repository for a Global Bank

Introduction & Business Needs This case study will discuss the introduction of Microsoft SharePoint as a knowledge management and training repository for a Global bank in a financial services customer facing line of business. Direct groups supported include staff in … Continue reading

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