So you want to get Social…but don’t know where to go….Use SharePoint!

If you follow me on Twitter SharPtContender , you’ll know that I am back in the gym banging it out after months of training on my own. I had to go back to the basics in order to make up for lost time, so this weekend I decided the make a theme weekend “Back to Basics”.

While doing basically nothing on Friday evening I stumbled across Fight Night Club. It’s a back to the roots atmosphere to highlight young up and coming fighters from the seeds of the boxing world, the weekly club fight.

It got me thinking about the SharePoint Contender Blog and how I haven’t really given a back to basics post in a while. One that would be extremely helpful to a newcomer. Since I recently launched a wiki project inside the enterprise where I work, I think a Social Media Case Study should do the trick.

So here’s the break down…

  • Business Need
  • Architecture
  • Design and Build
  • Permissions
  • Roll Out
  • About mhinckley

    Michael Hinckley MCSA, MCITP, MCTS, has over 10+ years specializing in solution architecture for organizations that span from small businesses and global corporations. He is currently the Sr. Program Manager at Tangram. Michael is a recognized speaker and evangelist for Microsoft SharePoint and Business Intelligence stacks. He organizes tech community events (SharePoint Saturdays) throughout Florida and runs the Tampa SharePoint/Office User Group. He is a contributing author for the book Microsoft SharePoint for Business Executives: Q&A Handbook.
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