So you want to get Social…but don’t know where to go….First, the Business Need

I can hear the meeting now…

“Alright staff, next order of business. Our Employee’s Voice survey just came in and we scored terribly on communication. Since I know nothing about what I or you do, I spend a lot of time on Wikipedia to guide my decisions, so I say let’s do this wiki thing here…”

or maybe this one

“All our other competitors have nlogs and kikis”

Sir, it’s blogs and wikis.

“Precisely my point. Let’s get some resources around this and socialize the bandwidth.”

Both of these are glaring examples of what not to do or really how not to approach going social. As with anything you have to begin with who is the end user, how can they benefit from Social Media only to arrive to what is in it for us.

Social Media at it’s finest is about what the masses can do to improve a blog or wiki, not trying to get a message out that it’s hip to use.

So what to do, well you address the business need. The first question I would ask “Is Social Media in your culture and are you willing to let the reins go?”

Many companies may see Social Media as a waste of time. Depending on your environment that may be true. If your a trader on the floor of the exchange I don’t think that tweeting would benefit you. But, a busy knowledge worker may be able to set expectations to all those people who pop by his desk to get a word in to never find them there.

Wikis and blogs could open the floor to voices that would not have spoken otherwise. That kind of scrutiny may be more that can be handled, but blogs are monitored, wikis do get edited to make sure the content is correct. In a word Social Media may need to have resources wrapped around it.

If you have an answer to all those subjects you are ready to either end your reading right here or stay tuned into for the next installment…..Architecture.


About mhinckley

Michael Hinckley MCSA, MCITP, MCTS, has over 10+ years specializing in solution architecture for organizations that span from small businesses and global corporations. He is currently the Sr. Program Manager at Tangram. Michael is a recognized speaker and evangelist for Microsoft SharePoint and Business Intelligence stacks. He organizes tech community events (SharePoint Saturdays) throughout Florida and runs the Tampa SharePoint/Office User Group. He is a contributing author for the book Microsoft SharePoint for Business Executives: Q&A Handbook.
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