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Is this another one of those ‘Why Haven’t I Posted Lately’ entries?

On the community front, SharePoint Saturday Tampa is on the books for June 26th. We want to defend our title as Florida’s Best SharePoint Event so we are notching up our training. Continue reading

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SharePoint Identity Crisis Part 3

To recap: We took the initial step to actually admit there is a crisis. Then we asked of ourselves and our organizations and realized that in concept and in SharePoint terms we can call this person the Business Super User … Continue reading

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SharePoint Identity Crisis Part 2

When we last left off we were contemplating where and who is this magic middle person: a project manager, the trainer, maybe a unit manager, perhaps a business analyst, or could it be a consultant? I firmly believe that this … Continue reading

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SharePoint Identity Crisis

At a previous job my task was to manage Anti-terrorism training products. During the course of researching I stumbled upon an article that looked at a terrorist cell and posed an interesting question of “which one in the cell would … Continue reading

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Grab and Go SharePoint Options

The other day I was hungry and needed to eat. I didn’t have time nor desire to sit down and enjoy a full blown meal, yet I knew I didn’t want anything fast food. I needed to refill but didn’t … Continue reading

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SharePoint Training Solution Pulse Check

Ever since organizing SharePoint Saturday in Tampa. I have been really getting hit up with training requests and inquires about what else we can do in Florida… A bunch of what, how, and even why to train. Well time to … Continue reading

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Confessions of the SharePoint Saturday Tampa Organizer…..

I suppose people step up and take on things like this for various motives: community altruism, profit or in my case a challenge from my wonderful wife. I work in an industry that has been hit very hard by the … Continue reading

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Lets hear, no look at your Share Point Issues…Don’t shout them, map them

I have been wanting to collect Share”PRESSURE”Points for some time now. Just to get an idea of what everybody feels they could use a little help with. Now you can, please add onto this mind map and let’s get a … Continue reading

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