Contender Philosophy

Someone who is a contender is “One who strives to be the best. Not quite the champ but ever working to be one. ”

Within the SharePoint world and environs there are many roles. Some of these roles are MVPs and experts (i.e. Champs). They are the folks who install and deploy portals, those who code and sync up with existing databases and enterprise MS Office Applications, those that admin and architect solutions and then there are us…

The End Users who, more than likely, find ourselves alone in the wood left to figure out how we can best use this powerful, yet tricky platform to succeed.

For that we must wear many hats: Information Architect, Help Desk, Trainer, Security Office, Analyst, Programmer, Interface Designer. Like fighters we have to cross many different weight divisions. It is that span that allows us to be considered Pound for Pound #1 Contenders.

SharePoint Contender is about helping you train to reach out and be able to wear those many hats.

The SharePoint Contender gets another KO!!!

The SharePoint Contender gets another KO!!!

1 Response to Contender Philosophy

  1. I enjoyed the contender philosophy and how you applied it to the challenges of with technology.

    I especially liked how it’s not the technology itself that’s the biggest challenge, but in fact it is the way we use it, should use it, and work together with the technology that leads to the biggest challenges we must ‘Contend’ with.

    Looking forward to keeping an eye on your blog 🙂

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